Lil’ Things Ep. 1: Autographs

Your friend, Josh, has won the lucky draw which was conducted by the shopping mall you both visited last month. He has won two tickets to Hollywood and guess what he has invited you to go along with him. Who doesn’t want to go to Hollywood right? So, you accept his invitation and start packing your bags. But hey, he has asked- no he has ordered you to not tell anyone about the trip. Atleast until you get back from the trip. He has invited you ahead of his girlfriend, so you have to follow his orders. So, no Facebook statuses allowed or any other stuff on social media.

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The Smallest Talent In The World

Sometimes We Have To Give Credit To Smaller Stuff In Our Lives. The Smallest Talent In The World

The Smallest Talent In The World

From school cultural fests to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, thousands of shows and programs are held to encourage talents. Programs like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ are held to find the best, biggest and most entertaining talents. Now a days, schools and colleges take special care in encouraging the talents in students. Talents are a source of living for many people in today’s world. Talent is a natural aptitude or skill which with training can help a person to go the distance.

As stated earlier, programs like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘The Voice’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, etc are held to find the best, biggest and most entertaining talents. Yes, the big medias like to talk only about the biggest and the best, but I am just a small writer who likes to give credit to small things. So, in this article I would like to talk about the Smallest Talent In The World. ( I might be the first person in the whole world to talk about the smallest talent in the world and if so I need credit for that πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ )

So, you might be wondering what the ‘Smallest Talent In The World’ that I am talking about is. This talent is done using just about 17-26 of our facial muscles. It is a talent that can be easily done by most of the people in the world (but yet some people refuse to do it). Dear Readers, the ‘Smallest Talent In The World’ that I am talking about is Smiling.

Smiling Just Requires The Movement Of About 17-26 Of Your Facial Muscles. Smiling Is The Smallest Talent In The World.

Smiling Is The Smallest Talent In World

So, now you might be wondering what makes me think that Smiling is the Smallest Talent In The World. Calm Down! Calm Down! I’ll tell you.

As mentioned earlier, Smiling just requires the movement of about 17-26 of our facial muscles (There is difference of opinion in regarding the number of facial muscles that need to be used to smile). So, when we compare Smiling to other talents like Dancing it is easy to understand that Smiling is indeed a small talent.

Yes, before telling why I think Smiling is the Smallest Talent, I am supposed to tell why Smiling is considered as a talent in the first place. Smiling is just a small gesture we do using our faces. But this Smiling has the power to change things. We just don’t realize it.

What does talents like dancing, singing, etc do? They spread happiness, joy and positivity and that is exactly what Smiling also does. So, that pretty much qualifies Smiling as a talent right?

A legit smile has two main factors. They are the lips and the eyes. When a person smiles, the lips spread happiness and joy. The eyes on the other hand spread positivity and honesty.

Smiles are quick fixes to problems. That’s what my own personal experiences taught me. Like all others I too face problems. At times I feel sad and low. During all those times, smiling helps me overcome my troubles. When I am sad, I like to go in front of a mirror and smile. Yes, sometimes I find it very difficult to smile, but I force myself to do it. Sometimes when I really can’t do it, I place my index finger and thumb on the ends of my lips and push it upwards. It is an artificial smile but it still has the power to fix my problems atleast a few moments. And sometimes my artificial smiles make me look like a mini version of The Joker from the Batman series.

Dear Readers, the thought that ‘Smiling Is The Smallest Talent In The World’ is just a random thought that popped into my mind. My actual point that I am trying to make is that we have to recognize the signifance of smiling. We smile to different people we meet in our life. Sometimes we do it even if we don’t like to. But amidst all this we have failed to realize the power of smiles.

I am saying this from the bottom of my heart people. Smiling actually spreads happiness, joy and positivity. So please use 26 of your facial muscles and make this world a better place.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Dreams Are Meant To Be Followed

Dreams Should Not Remain In Your Dreams

Dreams Are Meant To Be Followed

“What are we doing with our lives man?”, I asked Ram breaking the silence.
And he gave me a ‘blank face’.
” What is your passion?”, I asked him.
Before he could say anything, I answered the question for him.
“Your passion is photography and you want to spend time with your dear camera.”
“And what are you doing now? You are working as an engineer in a company called Shanti Gears.”
“Yes man, these companies give us a quite a good amount of money as salary every month but apart from that what do we get?”
“We work about eight hours everyday. We keep all the pressure on our head. We do all these to keep the family running. But that’s just an excuse.”
“Family is important, but why should we stop living to keep the family going? We are part of the family too. We should also have fun”.
” Let’s be honest for a few minutes. We don’t get any satisfaction from our jobs but we still do it. We hide our worries and troubles, and wear a fake smile when we reach home.”
“Yes, we can’t completely leave our jobs, but we should not stop doing what we like to do. We have to follow our dreams and passions. They should not just remain as dreams.”
The one sided conversation ended where it began. It ended in a silence, but we both knew the truth. The Ugly Truth.

Many great personalities have talked about the importance of dreams. And we all have agreed to them, but we refused to follow our dreams. We knew the truth but we remained doubters. Martin Luther King’s famous speech ‘I Have Dream’. A truly inspiring speech. He talked about his ‘Dream’ to wipe out racism from America. He talked about his ‘Dream’ to abolish slavery. He talked about his ‘Dream’ to bring equality. And he didn’t just talk about it. He worked for it. And that is why he is known as such a great personality.
There is no age limit for dreaming. You can dream, no matter who you are. But if you do not work for your dream, then you are nothing but a loser. Day by day your chances of achieving your dream may fade, but those who do not quit are the winners. In the end you may never achieve your dreams but you are not a loser. You are like a brave soldier who fought till his last breath.
You should be courageous to follow your ‘Broken Dreams’. You will never achieve it, but one day when you are with your children you will have lot of valuable experiences to talk about.
You may end up with a torn shirt and jeans but you will learn lessons that no school will teach.
I too have dreams that I am pretty sure I will never achieve, but that ain’t going to stop me from working for it. We all are going to die one day, but that does not stop us from living. We do not suicide because we know we are going to die one day. In the same way, we should not stop following our dreams because we do not have a chance of achieving it.
Dreams and Passions are meant to be followed. They are not supposed to remain in your ‘Dreams’.
Stop wasting your time. Start working for your dreams not for your boss.

Is Life Really A Marathon?


Is Life Really A Marathon? (Or A Hurdles Race?)

Some people say that life is like a marathon. Life is a long run. You have to keep your heads up. You may feel like quitting, but those who go on are those who succeed. You may feel that you are going to fall down any moment, but the thirst for success will give you the energy to go on. A marathon can not be completed only with your physical strength. It also requires mental strength. You should have a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude.
Some people say that life is like a hurdles race. You will have many obstacles in your life, but those who succeed are those who go over it. Sometimes you may trip over your obstacles, but you should still go on. You won’t win if you keep on crying over your mistakes and failures.
These people are right in a way. Life is indeed like a marathon and also a hurdles race, but these are not the perfect examples for how life is. Life is much harder and tougher than this. I’ll tell you what life is really like.
Life is a like an UFC fight. An UFC fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. An UFC fight is like a mini version of life. It is very hard.
The UFC fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz which took place in March was a very hyped one. Even those who did not follow UFC were eager to know about the fight (I am one of them). Conor McGregor is often called as ‘The Notorious’ and that explains a lot about him. On the other hand Nate Diaz is known for putting up great matches. UFC fighter Raphael dos Anjos was supposed to face Conor McGregor, but due to an injury he was replaced by Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz only had an eleven day notice. He was the underdog coming to the match.
To the surprise of many people, Nate Diaz came out victorious in the fight. He won via a submission in the second round ending McGregor’s fifteen game unbeaten run.
Usually there are five rounds in a UFC match, but this one ended in the second round. We may feel like it ended quickly but both of the fighters were hurt. In life you can either become Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor. You may have money, you may have power but you may fail (like Conor McGregor). Or else you maybe small, you maybe the underdog, you may face lot of problems and obstacles in life but you may find a way and succeed (like Nate Diaz).
Don’t expect success to come easily. Like in an UFC fight, in life too you may have to take hard blows on your face. You may have to get punched in the stomach. But your time will come. You just have to wait for it. Life is not at all easy. You should be physically and mentally strong. You should be ready to get hit and accept your mistakes. You should be ready to take risks.
This is how Nate Diaz looked after his match with Conor McGregor.

images (5)

Nate Diaz After His Victory Against Conor McGregor

In life you may not exactly look this, but you will get hurt. But a few blows should not stop you from fighting. Don’t expect to achieve success without getting a few bruises on your body. Life is a tough fight friends. So gear up for it.

Love Is The Biggest Charity


Give Love, Get Love

Finally! Back at my writing desk. I was having my ‘Big exams’ last month. The ‘Big Exams’ that would evaluate my academical performances in the last two years. *Sigh* The exams are over and now it is time to relax. The end of the exams also marked the end of my school days.
It was two years ago that I faced a difficult situation. A situation which most other students face after their tenth grade (I don’t know how it is in other countries but in India, that’s how the system works). ‘What next?’. I was leading a pretty aimless life that time. One day while I was having dinner with my family, dad asked me, “Son, what is your plan after tenth?” I didn’t say a single word. Well, I was not prepared for such a question. It was only after that incident, that I started thinking about my future. What am I going to do for my eleventh and twelfth grades?
After a small research I chose the humanities group for my higher secondary studies. Humanities is considered as a third class subject group by many. The science and commerce groups were the high class groups, but that’s just the view of the society. I decided to go for what my heart wanted. I still don’t know if my parents were completely satisfied with my decision, but they did not stand against my will.
If you ask me which is the one decision that I regret in my life, well I don’t have a particular answer for that because I have made many regretful decisions in my life. But if you just twist the question and ask me which is the one decision that I DON’T regret in my life, then my answer will be “Opting Humanities for my Higher Secondary Studies”.
Humanities is the plural for ‘Humanity’. Humanity is the quality of being humane. Science and commerce are related to the brain, but humanities is related to the heart. Humanities is something ‘beyond the textbook’. To be honest I was pretty disappointed with my first experiences in the Humanities class. I expected it to be something beyond the textbook, but it was nothing like that. It was limited to six teachers, six text books and sixty students. It was nothing like what I expected.
It took me about one year to realize my mistake. I was so excited about studying humanities that I forgot to look at the people around me. Our classroom was like a mini version of a metropolitan city. My classmates were from different backgrounds with different aims and dreams. They had different talents. Each and everyone of us were very different from each other. I really started to ‘see’ things clearly and that is when I started to study Humanities.
And when I started to see things clearly, each and everyone of my classmates became a teacher to me. And there is one such ‘teacher’ who taught me very valuable lessons that no teacher has taught me in my entire life.
He would sit on the first bench most of the days, but he never listened to classes. He had the guts to sleep while sitting on the first bench. He never scored high marks in tests and the teachers would not say a single word to him. I was often jealous of him. He lived a life with no tensions and no worries. He lived an easy life. He lived a happy life. We have different wants in our lives, but this guy had only one want, one demand – Love. Show him a bit of love and he would smile back at you for his entire life. He taught me that Love is the biggest charity a person can give. I would like to thank him for teaching me lessons that no other teacher has taught me.
People like him can be easily found in our society. They are special. They are so special that the society gave them a special name – ‘Specially Challenged. Our society is often blind towards them. We are so greedy that we don’t even give them the the love they deserve. Remember, Love is the Biggest Charity a Person Can Give.

A Heart To Heart Message



A Heart To Heart Message

It is another ‘Word Drought’ for me. No matter how much I try to write and blog consistenly, I fail. I had decided to post atleast once a week, but I wasn’t able to do so. You see, when a smoker hasn’t smoked for few hours or minutes and he is desperate to smoke again, he can go to a local shop and buy one, smoke it and satisfy himself. But where can a writer like me go, when he/she is having a ‘Word Draught’?
I depend on my heart for the topics to write about. I have tried watching videos and reading articles to inspire me to write, but none of it worked. As long as I don’t even have a little spark in my heart I won’t be able to write a word. ‘Word Draught’ for me is a situation when I am out of ideas or a situation when I have ideas but I just can’t put it out in words.
I have been blogging since 2013 and I have written 45 articles till date. And if you ask me what is the most important thing I have learned from my blogging experience. My answer would be that when you think you are out of ideas and are having a ‘Word Drought’ there is one thing you can do. You can take your leftover bits and build a masterpiece with it. You are never ‘out of stock’. You will always have something in your store room. It’s all about finding the tiny stuff you thought were useless, cleaning the dust off it and putting it together. This not only applies for writing. No matter what your passion is, you will always have something in your storeroom.
A masterpiece for me is not something that has got millions of likes and shares, but a masterpiece is something that satisfy me as a writer. I know that I am no Paulo Coelho, I know that I am no J.K Rowling and I know that I don’t have millions of readers from all around the globe. From the stats of my blog, I don’t think I even have 10 constant readers. But no matter how many constant readers I have, I care for each and everyone of them. Whether it be 1 Million or whether it be a single person, I love my reader(s).
I have mentioned this in one of my articles about myself and I will say it again. I consider myself as a tree that bears fruits for others to eat. And I am a tree that provides shade so you can rest beneath me. I don’t want you guys to waste your time, and that is why I write about stuff that are informative and make you a better person. Well, that is what I believe I do.
My happiness lies in your happiness. My satisfaction lies in your satisfaction. No matter from where your are and who you are, I love you. Even if you are new here, I would like to thank you for being here.
Now back to my point of building masterpieces out of the leftover stuff. Creative people are like a bank. They always keep a reserve and they give the rest of money as loans. Crearvie people will always have something in store. Successful people know how to use the leftover bits in the best way and build a masterpiece out of it. So be creative and be successful.
This article is different from my earlier ones. For me it was like an heart to heart message to you, but I cannot simply waste your time so I wanted to convey a simple message and that is to be Creative.
Thank you. πŸ™‚

How To Deal That Scenario: ANGER


One Monday, I was sitting there in my classroom playing with my pen. It was the period after lunch break and it was quiet dull. I was not much aware of my surroundings, but I could hear the noisy chats going on behind me. I was looking down at my pen, rolling it along my fingers. And then suddenly one of my classmates, John (just a fictional name but this guy really exists), poked me from the back. It is very irritating when someone just irritates you when you are minding your own business. I had told him not to poke me, a number of times before but he found so much fun in poking me that he continued doing it. I had a tickle sensitive skin and he loved watching my reaction to his pokes. Yes, doing it two or three times is fun but doing it every time he comes near me is very irritating. This time when he poked I could feel my veins heating up. My fists automatically tightened. I was angry. PAUSE!
Everyone gets angry. Anger is a normal emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and emotional response to a perceived provocation. Like happiness and sadness, anger is also a simple emotion. But this emotion could ruin your relationship with your loved ones. It is normal to be angry at times but you have to learn to control it. You should learn to not be angry quickly and also to restrict your actions when angry. As a teenager I have lot of anger in me but I really want to get rid of it. Well, getting rid of anger is impossible but you can restrict it. And many of you might also want to control your anger.
To solve a problem you have to get to the root of things. So lets see how anger is formed and how it works. I am not a big fan of science but I have no option other than telling you the science about anger. OK, I am not going tell the whole of it.
Emotions more or less begin inside two almond-shaped structures in our brains which are called the amygdala. The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for identifying threats to our well-being, and for sending out an alarm when threats are identified that results in us taking steps to protect ourselves. The amygdala is so efficient at warning us about threats, that it gets us reacting before the cortex (the part of the brain responsible for thought and judgment) is able to check on the reasonableness of our reaction. In other words, our brains are wired in such a way as to influence us to act before we can properly consider the consequences of our actions. This is not an excuse for behaving badly – people can and do control their aggressive impulses and you can too with some practice. Instead, it means that learning to manage anger properly is a skill that has to be learned, instead of something we are born knowing how to do instinctually.
Although it is possible for your emotions to rage out of control, the prefrontal cortex of your brain, which is located just behind your forehead, can keep your emotions in proportion. If the amygdala handles emotion, the prefrontal cortex handles judgment. The left prefrontal cortex can switch off your emotions. It serves in an executive role to keep things under control. Getting control over your anger means learning ways to help your prefrontal cortex get the upper hand over your amygdala so that you have control over how you react to anger feelings. Among the many ways to make this happen are relaxation techniques (which reduce your arousal and decrease your amygdala activity) and the use of cognitive control techniques which help you practice using your judgment to override your emotional reactions. (Read more – Physiology of Anger)
So how do you control your anger? When you become angry your breath taking and also heart rate increases. Relaxing your breath and your heart will help you overcome anger. This is a relaxation technique. You have to take deep breaths. When you are angry your brain literally doesn’t work, so it takes a lot of practice to implement this technique. When you focus on taking deep breaths you will slowly start forgetting your reason for anger and also you will slowly regain your calm. This is one of the most common techniques and it does work. It won’t work for those who are not ready to work and practice.
Now, I will suggest to you my own techniques. I don’t know how much these techniques work but I think it has worked out well with me. One is to have healthy habits. You should always have a particular amount of sleep, say seven hours. According to professionals, seven hours of sleep will help you stay healthy. You should go to the bed on a particular time everyday, atleast you should try your maximum to go to the bed on the exact time everyday. Same goes with waking up. These simple habits will help control your emotions. Don’t skip any of your meals. You should take care to eat your meals on time. The second technique I would suggest you is to try to control small things or habits of yours. Controlling small things or habits will help you control big things like emotions. I love chocolates and I am sure many of you too love chocolates. Even if you have all your favourite chocolates in front of you to eat, you should practice and control your will to eat them all in one go. You should go one at a time. Like ways you should control small habits of yours and you will be able to control your emotions.
Now, think of a scenario when you are not the angry one. Maybe it is your friend who is angry and you don’t know why he/she is angry. You may not have done anything wrong but still he/she could be angry at you or maybe someone else (who is not present in the scene). When these types of situations happen with us, slowly we also become angry. And the scenario gets even worse. So there are some things you should remember in such situations. Like I said before, when someone is angry his/her brain literally doesn’t work. So when you are not the angry person in the scene you should act responsibly. Your friend does not have the ability to think at that moment but you have. You should help him/her to get rid of her anger. You will only make things more difficult if you too become angry at that moment.
PLAY! I really wanted to punch John hard, but somehow I managed to control my anger. I was able to completely get rid of it. But think of a different case. If I just controlled my anger then, there are chances that I could go home and maybe I could get angry with my mom. This will make things worse. Just controlling anger is not enough you should be able to completely swallow it. It is going to take time, but it is possible if you are willing to work for it.
I am no master in controlling my anger. I just researched on the internet so that I can control anger and I just wanted to share with you how anger works and how you can control it. I hope it helped you. Thank you for lending me your valuable time.