About Me

I, ZakWriter welcome you to the ‘scribblings’ of a 17-year-old. I am your sporty friend. I want to you to be healthy and happy. I am like a tree with fruits on it. You can enjoy the fruits on me as much as you want and I am happy to bent for you. I don’t want to give my friends bad fruits.

Explains everything about me and my blog

Explains everything about me and my blog


*Who is ‘The ZakWriter’?

My name is Dakir Thanveer and I am 17 years old. I am an Indian from India.

*Why do I blog?

Well, I don’t think my ideas are to be written on a book, which even I am not sure if I will read it again. I want Feedback, so I can develop myself and my ideas. I won’t get that from a Personal Journal. So I think that answers the question.

*Why ZakWriter?

My name really should have been ‘Zakir Mohammed Thanveer’. Even though, my registered name is ‘Dakir’, I like the name ‘Zakir’ more. And when I thought of a name for the blog, I came up with ‘ZakWriter’ (Zakir +Writer). I thought ‘ZakWriter’ was better and more stylish than ‘DakWriter’. What’s your opinion ‘ZakWriter’ or ‘DakWriter’?


*About The Tagline – ‘The Man With The PENdat’

The tagline is a Double Entendre. The main highlight word of the tagline is ‘PENdat’. This word is a combination of the words ‘Pen’ and ‘Pandat’. A Pandat is a type of War Sword.


I rarely post my personal things here, even if I do I usually link it with public matters. I usually love to comment on social matters. I love to present health facts, so my friends can gain knowledge about health. This blog is neither a hobby nor a career. It is a ‘self-regarding action’ and also ‘others-regarding’ action. My Brain writes for me, but my Heart writes for you.

Read On..Smile on..


Read some of my posts here:-

Please forgive me if there are mistakes in these posts.





If you want to know more please read two of my posts about me:

More about the title and the tagline:- https://zakwriter.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/why-zakwriter-and-the-new-tagline/

More about the Me:-



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! Zakir -The Writer,
    It so nice that you have fruits for everyone to share, and they are good ones. Pats on your back.
    You love Foot Ball I love too.
    You wanna do good for others, that’s good; it depicts of your upbringing. Do not change the goal no matter what comes your way; the facts of life may dither you in the times to come.
    to see all that I follow you OK!!!!

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