Dear me,

Dear me,

No, no, no. I won’t be following the informal and formal letter writing methods that were taught to you in school. Don’t expect me to. I am not here to impress anyone. I am here with a reality check for you. I am here with a reminder for you. I am here to slap you right on your face.

You are turning 19 soon and what have you done so far in your life? If somebody asks you what your greatest achievement is, what would you say? If somebody asks you what the best moment in your life is, what would you say?

You would say nothing and would just stand there blinking.

Every now and then you make lists of places you want to travel, but you never go anywhere. You don’t even look at those lists after you make it.

You say you want to travel leaving all the tensions behind. You never make an effort to strike out the places on your list. You just leave it as it is.

You make lame excuses for not packing your bags and not setting off. You say you are too bored, but you are even too lazy to do things you want to do.

You say you don’t have anyone to travel along with, when you don’t even talk to people. You are an introvert, you are a loner. Just accept the fact already. The more you try acting like you are normal, the more you fail.

Believe me. You better believe me. If you are going to continue making excuses for not doing what you heart wants, you are going to remain a loser.
God has built this beautiful world for you to ‘live’ in. The wild forests, calm sunrises, the mighty mountains and many more. All these are here for you to breath in. And also for your children.

If you sit there in your couch without getting out of the comfort zone, you are just letting the world die.

You have to get out. You have step out. The more you realize how good the ‘home’ we live in is, the more you will protect and embrace it.

Get out of your couch, stop making excuses, start the striking out the places on your wishlist and in the end you will not be the same old loser that you are now.

Pack you bags, set off and embrace the Earth.

Yours faithfully,
The person you have always wanted to be


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