Dreams Are Meant To Be Followed

Dreams Should Not Remain In Your Dreams

Dreams Are Meant To Be Followed

“What are we doing with our lives man?”, I asked Ram breaking the silence.
And he gave me a ‘blank face’.
” What is your passion?”, I asked him.
Before he could say anything, I answered the question for him.
“Your passion is photography and you want to spend time with your dear camera.”
“And what are you doing now? You are working as an engineer in a company called Shanti Gears.”
“Yes man, these companies give us a quite a good amount of money as salary every month but apart from that what do we get?”
“We work about eight hours everyday. We keep all the pressure on our head. We do all these to keep the family running. But that’s just an excuse.”
“Family is important, but why should we stop living to keep the family going? We are part of the family too. We should also have fun”.
” Let’s be honest for a few minutes. We don’t get any satisfaction from our jobs but we still do it. We hide our worries and troubles, and wear a fake smile when we reach home.”
“Yes, we can’t completely leave our jobs, but we should not stop doing what we like to do. We have to follow our dreams and passions. They should not just remain as dreams.”
The one sided conversation ended where it began. It ended in a silence, but we both knew the truth. The Ugly Truth.

Many great personalities have talked about the importance of dreams. And we all have agreed to them, but we refused to follow our dreams. We knew the truth but we remained doubters. Martin Luther King’s famous speech ‘I Have Dream’. A truly inspiring speech. He talked about his ‘Dream’ to wipe out racism from America. He talked about his ‘Dream’ to abolish slavery. He talked about his ‘Dream’ to bring equality. And he didn’t just talk about it. He worked for it. And that is why he is known as such a great personality.
There is no age limit for dreaming. You can dream, no matter who you are. But if you do not work for your dream, then you are nothing but a loser. Day by day your chances of achieving your dream may fade, but those who do not quit are the winners. In the end you may never achieve your dreams but you are not a loser. You are like a brave soldier who fought till his last breath.
You should be courageous to follow your ‘Broken Dreams’. You will never achieve it, but one day when you are with your children you will have lot of valuable experiences to talk about.
You may end up with a torn shirt and jeans but you will learn lessons that no school will teach.
I too have dreams that I am pretty sure I will never achieve, but that ain’t going to stop me from working for it. We all are going to die one day, but that does not stop us from living. We do not suicide because we know we are going to die one day. In the same way, we should not stop following our dreams because we do not have a chance of achieving it.
Dreams and Passions are meant to be followed. They are not supposed to remain in your ‘Dreams’.
Stop wasting your time. Start working for your dreams not for your boss.


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