Love Is The Biggest Charity


Give Love, Get Love

Finally! Back at my writing desk. I was having my ‘Big exams’ last month. The ‘Big Exams’ that would evaluate my academical performances in the last two years. *Sigh* The exams are over and now it is time to relax. The end of the exams also marked the end of my school days.
It was two years ago that I faced a difficult situation. A situation which most other students face after their tenth grade (I don’t know how it is in other countries but in India, that’s how the system works). ‘What next?’. I was leading a pretty aimless life that time. One day while I was having dinner with my family, dad asked me, “Son, what is your plan after tenth?” I didn’t say a single word. Well, I was not prepared for such a question. It was only after that incident, that I started thinking about my future. What am I going to do for my eleventh and twelfth grades?
After a small research I chose the humanities group for my higher secondary studies. Humanities is considered as a third class subject group by many. The science and commerce groups were the high class groups, but that’s just the view of the society. I decided to go for what my heart wanted. I still don’t know if my parents were completely satisfied with my decision, but they did not stand against my will.
If you ask me which is the one decision that I regret in my life, well I don’t have a particular answer for that because I have made many regretful decisions in my life. But if you just twist the question and ask me which is the one decision that I DON’T regret in my life, then my answer will be “Opting Humanities for my Higher Secondary Studies”.
Humanities is the plural for ‘Humanity’. Humanity is the quality of being humane. Science and commerce are related to the brain, but humanities is related to the heart. Humanities is something ‘beyond the textbook’. To be honest I was pretty disappointed with my first experiences in the Humanities class. I expected it to be something beyond the textbook, but it was nothing like that. It was limited to six teachers, six text books and sixty students. It was nothing like what I expected.
It took me about one year to realize my mistake. I was so excited about studying humanities that I forgot to look at the people around me. Our classroom was like a mini version of a metropolitan city. My classmates were from different backgrounds with different aims and dreams. They had different talents. Each and everyone of us were very different from each other. I really started to ‘see’ things clearly and that is when I started to study Humanities.
And when I started to see things clearly, each and everyone of my classmates became a teacher to me. And there is one such ‘teacher’ who taught me very valuable lessons that no teacher has taught me in my entire life.
He would sit on the first bench most of the days, but he never listened to classes. He had the guts to sleep while sitting on the first bench. He never scored high marks in tests and the teachers would not say a single word to him. I was often jealous of him. He lived a life with no tensions and no worries. He lived an easy life. He lived a happy life. We have different wants in our lives, but this guy had only one want, one demand – Love. Show him a bit of love and he would smile back at you for his entire life. He taught me that Love is the biggest charity a person can give. I would like to thank him for teaching me lessons that no other teacher has taught me.
People like him can be easily found in our society. They are special. They are so special that the society gave them a special name – ‘Specially Challenged. Our society is often blind towards them. We are so greedy that we don’t even give them the the love they deserve. Remember, Love is the Biggest Charity a Person Can Give.


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