A Heart To Heart Message



A Heart To Heart Message

It is another ‘Word Drought’ for me. No matter how much I try to write and blog consistenly, I fail. I had decided to post atleast once a week, but I wasn’t able to do so. You see, when a smoker hasn’t smoked for few hours or minutes and he is desperate to smoke again, he can go to a local shop and buy one, smoke it and satisfy himself. But where can a writer like me go, when he/she is having a ‘Word Draught’?
I depend on my heart for the topics to write about. I have tried watching videos and reading articles to inspire me to write, but none of it worked. As long as I don’t even have a little spark in my heart I won’t be able to write a word. ‘Word Draught’ for me is a situation when I am out of ideas or a situation when I have ideas but I just can’t put it out in words.
I have been blogging since 2013 and I have written 45 articles till date. And if you ask me what is the most important thing I have learned from my blogging experience. My answer would be that when you think you are out of ideas and are having a ‘Word Drought’ there is one thing you can do. You can take your leftover bits and build a masterpiece with it. You are never ‘out of stock’. You will always have something in your store room. It’s all about finding the tiny stuff you thought were useless, cleaning the dust off it and putting it together. This not only applies for writing. No matter what your passion is, you will always have something in your storeroom.
A masterpiece for me is not something that has got millions of likes and shares, but a masterpiece is something that satisfy me as a writer. I know that I am no Paulo Coelho, I know that I am no J.K Rowling and I know that I don’t have millions of readers from all around the globe. From the stats of my blog, I don’t think I even have 10 constant readers. But no matter how many constant readers I have, I care for each and everyone of them. Whether it be 1 Million or whether it be a single person, I love my reader(s).
I have mentioned this in one of my articles about myself and I will say it again. I consider myself as a tree that bears fruits for others to eat. And I am a tree that provides shade so you can rest beneath me. I don’t want you guys to waste your time, and that is why I write about stuff that are informative and make you a better person. Well, that is what I believe I do.
My happiness lies in your happiness. My satisfaction lies in your satisfaction. No matter from where your are and who you are, I love you. Even if you are new here, I would like to thank you for being here.
Now back to my point of building masterpieces out of the leftover stuff. Creative people are like a bank. They always keep a reserve and they give the rest of money as loans. Crearvie people will always have something in store. Successful people know how to use the leftover bits in the best way and build a masterpiece out of it. So be creative and be successful.
This article is different from my earlier ones. For me it was like an heart to heart message to you, but I cannot simply waste your time so I wanted to convey a simple message and that is to be Creative.
Thank you. 🙂


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