Feeling Validated


Let me begin this article by telling you why I am writing this. There are two main reasons. They are:

1. The compliments I got from others for my previous articles.
2. The Ultimate Question, A speech by Lance Miller (You can watch the speech below and I highly recommend you to watch the video before reading the article).

It’s human nature to find fault in others. No matter how good a person is, we succeed in finding a fault in that person. We humans also like to talk behind people’s backs. The moment we close the door behind a guest, we start finding faults in him/her. And the funny thing is that the guest will be also busy finding faults in us. The next time we meet each other, both of us will wear a fake smile.

Why do we do this? We could tell hundred good things about a person and still we opt to talk about that one bad point a person has. Every person in the world has positives. Come on! Even Adolf Hitler had positives. Did you know that the Nazi Germany was the first country to ban experimentation on live animals? Did you know that Hitler emphasized respect for women, children and strong family values? Did you know that it was Nazi scientists who wrote a scientific paper linking smoking to lung cancer? And did you know that as a result smoking was banned in restaurants and public transports? Hitler also banned the sale of cigarettes to women. He banned people under eighteen years of age from smoking, he also banned people in uniforms from smoking. He banned smoking in public places. And you might have seen a warning sign on cigarette boxes. Do you know who was the first person to put that sign on cigarette boxes? It was Adolf Hitler (I felt a bit of respect to Hitler after I came to know about all these).

Now, if we can find so much good stuff in world’s one of the most hated men, then why can’t we find good in people around us? I receive compliments from friends, parents, relatives and even strangers for the articles I write and I feel very happy when I hear those compliments. And, if it was bad comments that I receive instead of compliments, ZakWriter would have been long dead. When I receive all these compliments I feel like I am someone, I feel like I have a role to play in this world, I feel like I am not a stranger in this world, I feel Validated. The intention of the person complimenting me may not be true, but still I will be happy. He may compliment me to impress me, he may compliment me so that I may return him the favour, he may compliment me because he really thought my article was good. No matter what his intention is I will feel validated when he compliments me.

Friends, our words could make a person’s day, week, month, year or even his life and our words could also end a person’s life. So, we should be wise while using our words. Good words spread happiness, while bad words spread negativity. I have decided to compliment every person I talk to (Whenever possible). I am not losing anything. I am just making others happy and when I see a happy face, I become happy. I want you to do the same. Make others happy and stay happy.

Do you know what’s wrong with the world? Do you know what’s wrong with me? Do you know what’s wrong with you?
Who cares?! The question is what is right with the world, what is right with me, what is right with you” – Lance Miller in his speech, ‘The Ultimate Question’.

Go out and Validate!

And you are really good readers and patient too… Thanks for all your support 😀


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