Taking The Baton From Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam Was The Leader Of The Youth

Abdul Kalam Was The Leader Of The Youth

“Ignited Minds of the Youth is the Greatest Resource for the Nation”.

Yes, these are the words of one of the best ‘Youth Empowerors’ in the world, Late Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (also known as The Missile Man Of India).

I am extremely sad to say that, this inspirational personality passed away on 27th July 2015.  India is in mourning on hearing the death of its former President. Let us take the baton from his hands and let us run towards his goal….our goal. India is having ‘7 Days Of Mourning’ as an act of respect and tribute towards this great person. It is not only India who is in mourning, but also people all around the globe who knew his greatness.

In my school, eight speeches were presented as a tribute to Abdul Kalam. All of them spoke about his greatness and his life, but none of them asked the question ‘What Next ?’.

He is a great loss to the Nation and also the world. He was a real youth icon. And the Youth of tomorrow will definitely miss the presence of such a role model. His works for the Youth is uncountable. He considered Youth as ‘everything’ of the Nation. Each and every part of his life is an inspiration for the youngsters. His poor financial condition never stopped him from learning. He worked as a newspaper boy during his school days. He was never the best at his school, but his hard work kept him ‘running’. His life is not full of success stories, but it contains a lot of unfulfilled dreams. He wanted to be a fighter pilot, but his efforts were in vain. He showed how a real President should be. His contributions to India’s science field cannot be expressed in words.

This is how he taught people from his own life. He has also taught the people, especially the Youth, through his powerful words.

Now he is no more, but his ‘India 2020’ vision will not die with him. He has left us, The Indian Youth, with the task of making India a better place. We may complain of not having a proper leader, but his words and guidelines are enough to lead a thousand generations. He dedicated his whole life for the Youth, now it is our duty to hold high his thoughts and visions.

Let us take the baton from his hands and let us run towards his goal….our goal.

I would like to conclude my article with A Grand Salute To You Sir. You will always remain in our hearts. Jai hind!!

  “They Say Actions Speak Louder Than Words, But He Is The Only Person In The World Whose Words Are As Powerful As His Actions”


P.S: If you do not know who Abdul Kalam is, just read his ‘Wings Of Fire’. Trust me you will fall in love with that man.


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