The Mime Artist

The Mime Artist

The Mime Artist

I, as usual jogged to the park, which is about a kilometer away from my house, at 5:00 pm. There I exercised for about 30 minutes. Then when I was resting there on a bench, drinking water from the bottle I had brought with me, I saw a person, whom I had not seen till then in the park or the neighborhood. He was performing mime with a board next to him and the board said “No Money to Buy Food”.

He was not begging, but in a way he was working. He was making use of his talents to get money and to feed himself and also maybe his family. We never know. The park is the best place to get some money, if you are poverty stricken. I was impressed by his performance and I also felt pity for him. So, I gave him some money from my pocket money. I saw different people there. There were joggers like me, there were talented people like the mime artist and also there were bluff masters. The Bluff Masters ‘earned’ their living by ‘faking’. Their tricks were familiar to me, so I never fell into their traps but they managed to collect enough money to live. I never knew how the bluff masters survived without being caught. Some people faked magic, some people faked singing and so on. I walked back to my house at 6:30 pm. When I was having food with my family, I told them about the new mime artist that I saw at the park. My father refused to include him the ‘talented people’ list, rather he included him in ‘bluff masters’ list. I argued with my father for a long period about the mime artist.

I was not able to convince my father. The argument continued next morning. I really wanted to prove the person’s talent to my father, but he was busy with his work and never came to the park.  That evening I went to the park as usual. I was curious to see the mime artist perform. First, I could not see him, but I soon found him. There was quiet a big crowd around him and I was sure that the people at the park was also impressed about him. His talent was getting more recognized. And I was sure that he will be soon famous in the neighborhood. I wished that my father had come with me.

That night, when I went to my bed, the thought of the talented man came to my mind. Something sad struck me. I have seen lot more ‘un-talented’ people reach greater heights. They have shone in the artistic field. But, somehow very talented people like the person I met at the park end up ‘below the poverty line’. They don’t get what they deserve.

Dear readers, there are so many people like this around us who are getting ignored. We are the people who should make them important. Their talents and they will come to spotlight if we ‘push’ them.


P.S: – This is an old fictional story of mine. I never posted it on my blog (until now). This is the edited and improved version of the story I wrote years ago (more than five years ago). Even though this is a fictional story, it does not mean that it is fake. Cases like this happen all around the world.


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