Character Sketch

Day Six: – Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

This is a tricky question, actually. I have not got to know much people recently. And I can only write this post if I know a person in (somewhat) deep. Strangers can become the subject of this post, but I don’t want to write about a stranger. Maybe, it is the fearing of not being able to describe the person or the fear of judging the person is making me think so.

The person I have in my mind is actually not a person, it is a group of people. The group of people are known by the name ‘SoulPancake’. They are a group of creative people. Their main media is YouTube, so they can be called ‘a group of creative YouTubers’. They are not the ordinary type of YouTubers who post funny and entertaining videos. Yes, of course people can’t be interesting if they are not entertainers. ‘SoulPancake’ are entertainers (not by posting funny videos like most other YouTubers) and also ‘Heart-Winners’. If you ask me what is the reason for me to select ‘SoulPancake’ as the most interesting person (people) I have met this year, I would say it is their creativity and social awareness. Their slogan can explain a lot about them – ‘Chew on Life’s Big Questions’.

SoulPancake-Chew on Life's Big Questions

SoulPancake-Chew on Life’s Big Questions

SoulPancake was actually found by actor Rainn Wilson and his friends Joshua Homnick and Devon Gundry in 2008. They actually started with a show called ‘Metaphysical Milkshake’. The company later expanded to different platforms and different shows were started. SoulPancake offered discussions, interviews, interactions, activities, questions, art etc. Their YouTube channel was started on July 23, 2012. This is just the background of the company. I don’t know much of their history.

As I said earlier YouTube is their main media and I only know them through YouTube(I don’t know anything about their book and also their website). They have lots of shows on YouTube. And out of these, I have two personal favorites. One is ‘Kid President’ and the other is ‘SoulPancake Street Squad’.

Kid President’ is a funny show. It is hosted by a kid named Robby Novak. The basic theme of this show is that the ‘Kid President’ represents all the kids in the world. He speaks about how kids can change the world. The way kids think is different to the way in which adults think. Kids may not be always practical, but their opinions and views are of great value. Robby Novak shows the importance of ‘Kid-Power’ through his show. One of Kid President’s best works is his pep talk.

The Street Squad’ is a heart touching show. It can melt the heart of a man with a ‘rock-like’ heart. In this modern world, we are actually forgetting to connect with other people. ‘The Street Squad’ episodes show us the importance of interacting with the people around us. These episodes also highlight the sweet moments of our life. Sometimes we forget about these golden moments, but we should find time to bring those moments back. ‘The Street Squad’ comes up with creative activities to express their ideas.

In short ‘SoulPancake’ deals with life. Life is not just about existing, it’s about living and also ‘co-living’. Our life becomes more beautiful when it is linked with other people. We should try our maximum to expand our circles. ‘SoulPancake’ teaches how we can transfer the energy we have to others. It teaches us how to live, and it also teaches us how to teach others to live. Their show called ‘Life’s Big Questions’ can bring a proper awareness about life in our minds. Questions about the most important topics in life like death, love, religion, etc are asked. When we answer these questions, we ourselves will have a proper view on our lives.So, the outcome of all these will be a very happy world.

I am not sure if I was able to draw the character sketch of ‘SoulPancake’ properly. ‘SoulPancake’ made words to flow out of my mind. ‘SoulPancake’ does not have a physical character or a mental character. Their character can described in a single sentence – A group of creative people with a mission of making the Earth a happy place.

Please do visit their YouTube channel.

Thank You


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