I Miss You

Day Four: – Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

Twist: – Make today’s post the first in a three-post series.

I Miss You (Part 1)


I Miss You

I Miss You

I am really missing something. Or is it someone? It is something between something and someone. I am not going to keep it as a secret. It is my childhood that I am missing. I am not sure of what I am missing, is it my childhood or is it the childhood me?

Childhood is fun. We can do anything we want (of course there are limits). No one cares about our actions, because ‘we are just kids’. No cares when we run here and there. It is an easy going life with zero pressure. It is a time during which our parents won’t keep us down. We really live a ‘YOLO’ life during our childhood. Now all that’s gone.

Childhood is the time when we wish to grow up and adulthood is the time when we wish to go back to our childhood (I am still not an adult, but I am mature enough to say this). Now I cannot run here and there, now I cannot suck my thumbs, now I cannot watch cartoons or Power Rangers, now I cannot ‘cry out loud’, now I cannot pee in my trousers. Restrictions have brought an end to my childhood. Now people expect me to act like a matured man. Life was much easier when nobody cared about me.

Adulthood can be defined as the physical growth plus mental growth plus lots of restrictions and pressure. It is tough to lead a life as an adult. We have responsibilities. But, when we were children, we gave responsibilities to others. And the worst thing about growing up is that you are expected to study more.

“Childhood is like being drunk, Everyone remembers you what did except you”



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