Top Three Songs From My Playlist

The third assignment for the Writing 101 course is to freewrite about the three most important songs in your life. I have to write continuously for fifteen minutes about three of my favourite songs. OK, I am stopping the introduction here. Writing starts….now!

I am not a big fan of songs or music. I don’t listen to songs or music for the sake of it. The only times I listen to songs are to change my mood. Sometimes I listen songs to get inspired, sometimes to reduce frustration and anger, sometimes to be happy :).

To select your three most favourite songs is tough. For me as a ‘new generation’ kid, there are no much songs that remain in mind for long. Modern songs are short termed songs. They don’t remain in the minds of the people for long. They may be ‘trending’ among the people one month and the next month the song may vanish from the tongues and also the minds of the people. This is the case for people who are in their teenages or 20s. The case is different for people who are in their late 30s or 40s or 50s or so on. They too will find it difficult to select their three most favourite songs. It is so, not because they don’t remember much songs of their time, but because they remember too much of them. The ‘olden golden’ songs stay in the minds of people for long. Those songs are sung by every people. Young, old, women, men, everyone would sing those songs. Even though songs were classified into different genres (like pop, rock, melody, etc.), everyone used to sing those songs without considering the genre of the song. But today, people will only listen to their favourite genre; other genres are like taboo for them. In Indian film industry, songs are now used as a medium to sell the movies. Sometimes it used as a medium to express a particular feeling (like romance, sadness, happiness, etc.); this shows the lack of ability of the actors and film producers to express the feeling in a realistic way.

I know I went ‘off-track’ but as I was told to freewrite, I cannot help it. These are the first thoughts that came to my mind. Now I will tell you about my three favourite songs. As I told earlier I am not a great ‘song listener’, so my list may not feel so good to you. Please forgive me if you feel so.

Here it goes: –

  1. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry & The Pacemakers: –

This is one of my favourite songs because it is the anthem of my favourite football/soccer club (Liverpool FC). This song brings Goosebumps on me every time I listen to it (especially when it is sung by the Liverpool fans during a Liverpool FC game). It is a very soothing song, which brings peace to my mind. It has a lot of passion and emotion within it. I can feel the passion of Liverpool FC in it. It is a really inspirational song. P.S: – I tried uploading the song video, but an error message was shown. So if you can’t watch the video from here, please click on the heading (You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry & The Pacemakers). It will take you to the video on YouTube.

  1. Happy – Pharrell Williams: –

    This song just makes me happy. It has a soothing effect and it is also a peaceful song. The official song video has a key role to play in my selection of this song. The video contains some random people dancing on the roads and pavements, this brings a good feeling in us. This song and its video will help you kick-start your day, like the BloggingU kick started my blog.

  2. Happy – Pentatonix (Pharrell Williams Cover): –

    The Pentatonix cover of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ makes me even happier. This song contains extreme talent. This song does not contain the use of any musical instruments (if I heard it right). It contains good vocals and good beatboxing. This must be the last song I have heard (though it was released on YouTube on May 17th, 2014).

That’s it. These are my favourite three songs (at least for now). The list may not have been an entertaining one. I spend more time writing about the difference between the ‘New Generation Songs’ and the ‘Olden Goldies’. And I really want you to think about that part of the article and if possible please give your response on my thoughts.

P.S: – This article was ‘freewritten’, so please forgive me for any kind of errors. And also I took slightly more than fifteen minutes to complete this post.


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