One In A Million

I am standing here, or rather moving. I am just a part of the wave. I am just ‘one in a million’. You just have to ‘sing along’. The wave of people will act as a travelator (moving walkway). The game is about to begin and the stadium is filled. All I could see is Red. Red shirts, red scarves, red everything. They start singing. Men, women, children, old, young, everyone without any difference start singing “When You Walk, Through A Storm….” Am I singing? The atmosphere is making me sing. The players come out and we welcome them with a big cheer. I am feeling like a man, with his jaws dropped, at the sight of a beautiful woman. I feel like my voice is of no importance. But, actually my voice adds to the beauty of the song. In fact, the voice of each and every person gathered here adds to the beauty of the song. Even the voice of someone singing at a pub or a club in any part of the world adds to the beauty of the song. No matter what happens, win, lose or draw, we keep on chanting and cheering our players and the team. Here, opponents have the worst ninety minutes of their lives. Welcome to Anfield and we are the Kopites.

Liverpool Fans at Anfield

Liverpool Fans at Anfield

It would be ‘a dream come true’ for me, if I could visit Anfield in my life. Anfield is the home ground of Liverpool FC (One of the best English football/soccer clubs and FIVE time champions of Europe). The total capacity of Anfield is 45,276. The stadium is currently undergoing renovation process. And after the renovation the total capacity will be increased to about 59,000, which would make it fourth biggest stadium in England. Anfield is also one of the loudest stadiums in the world. And the Liverpool fans are known to be one of the best fans in the world.

It is nice to support a club with a big history and passion. If I could ever visit Anfield, I will try my best to walk through the ‘Anfield Tunnel’. There is a ‘This Is Anfield’ sign installed in the tunnel by Bill Shankly (One of the best Liverpool managers). It was installed to instil fear into the opposition.

Anfield Tunnel

Anfield Tunnel

Anfield is a place every football/soccer fans should go. Not only the fans, anyone can have fun at Anfield. Such is its atmosphere. I wish I could go to Anfield one day (by God’s will).

Here it is. A description about a place I would like to visit.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

It is very hard to describe Anfield with words, so I searched for a video on Anfield atmosphere and I could not get a good one. But, I have added a video, so that you may get a taste of Anfield. The clip is from a Champions League match between Liverpool (England) and Porto (Portugal), which took place in 2007.

Thank You.


19 thoughts on “One In A Million

  1. While reading your post I could get a feel for the excitement and I could clearly imagine the roaring of the crowd as they cheered Liverpool onto the field. Must be quite exciting to see a match – would definitely like to do that one day! Good job 🙂

    • The passion of the players and the fans. And it was the club which entertained me the most when I started watching football. Which is your favourite club by the way?

  2. I was never into sports, but after reading your Writing 101 I think from the discription you give, I would enjoy seeing a game at Anfield. Thanks for being so descriptive!

  3. Really nice introduction that set the tone for your work. Liked the video as well. Your enthusiasm for your subject is keenly felt throughout the story. Hope you get to Anfield.

  4. Loved the excitement in this post! The way you interpreted the prompt reminded me of how I did, by using the beauty of nostalgia and the senses to bring the audience in!

    I just moved to England and would love to take in a football match…can’t say I’m a sports fan, but perhaps I need to witness a taste of what you write about for myself. Great post!

    • Thank you for the kinds words of appreciation. And as I said in the post, anyone can have fun at Anfield. Do visit Anfield, I guarantee you that you will have a good time and a good amount of goosebumps too. 🙂

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