Copying From The Mind

It’s nice to be back with BloggingU. I completed my Blogging 101 course last month (March). And it really helped me. Now I have joined the Writing 101 course, which helps us develop our writing skills. So, I received my first task this morning. ‘Unlock The Mind’. Write out whatever is on your mind (continuously for twenty minutes).

This task is tricky. We don’t have any particular topic in our mind and we are told to write whatever is on our mind. So, if we write whatever is on our mind, there will be a lot of topics covered in twenty minutes. I don’t want that to happen. So, I am trying to focus on one thing that is on my mind now.

Here I am, with timer set on my mobile phone. Ready to copy the words from my mind. Writing starts….now!

Copying From The Mind

Copying From The Mind

Do you know the difference between the mind and the brain? Mind is what writers and artists use, while Brain is what scientists and other professionals use. Brain and mind are important tools for human beings. The brain is the best source of logic, while the mind is the best source of creativity. Mind is more than creativity; it is a combination of creativity, views, imagination, humour and many such things. Creativity can differ in different minds, but the logic is same and simple in every brains. Logic leads to facts, but creativity leads to quotes.

The laws of logic are denied by the artists and writers. There is no logic in imagination and creativity. Artists and writers make their audience believe what they draw, write and do is the real logic. One topic is expressed in different ways by artists and writers and their audience believe every different views. But, in the case of professionals who use logic, only one view is considered to be true by the people.

The area of coverage for artists and writers is vast, but for professionals it is limited. ‘In a logical way’ both the professionals and artists are equally good. But, who cares about ‘logic’. The mind and its creativity make artists superior to professionals.

A professional can only work in his lab or office, but an artist can work outdoor, indoor or anywhere he/she wills. If a scientist claimed that the Sun reflects light from the Moon, he will be called crazy. But, if an artist says so, he/she will be called creative. They can also raise explanations and arguments in support to their conclusions or claims.

This is the advantage of being an artist. There are no restrictions or limitations to our area of coverage. We can say anything we want, we can write whatever we want, we can draw whatever we want, and we can paint whatever we want. Such is our life. A professional always checks for the ‘why’ factor in an object, while we check for the ‘wow’ factor in an object.

Peep!!! Time’s up!

346 words in twenty minutes. It looks average, hope I can improve it by the end of the Writing 101 course. I would like to remind you that, this is just a Freewriting session. So, if there are mistakes or errors please forgive me.

By the way, Is mind and brain the same thing? 😛

Thank You.

Comments and Feedbacks are most welcome.


6 thoughts on “Copying From The Mind

  1. Hey, good to see you here fellow class mate. Nice post and I believe the answer is brain is a defined anatomical body part but mind is more abstract – our thoughts.

  2. Left brain and right brain ?!! Many scientists play the violin to relax and some poets are stockbrokers too ! Perhaps mind is the tool through which the brain functions ?
    Very interesting topic, by the way 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting.
      When I think of the topic, it is really confusing. But, when I just wrote down what was in my mind, it felt a proper argument. It is an interesting topic, indeed.

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