The Candle Of Fear – Here or Near

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “IMHO.”

If we check the front page of the world’s best newspapers, we can see that majority of it is filled it with negative reports. Maybe this is a ‘media strategy’ to attract readers. But, all these negative reports lights a candle in me – ‘The Candle Of Fear‘. The light from the candle shows me some bad memories – Memories of The Two World Wars. It also shows me some glimpses of ‘The 3rd World War’. Is the next World War near? ‘Is World War III near?’

The Candle Of Fear - Here Or Near

The Candle Of Fear – Here Or Near

Can you hear the cries of those hungry kids in Syria? Probably not. While, we are busy with our day-to-day life, the Middle East is burning. By the looks of it, this fire can never be extinguished. Over there, Human Rights are clearly being denied to the people. They are struggling for a minimum standard of living. Their children grow up seeing their parents and companions getting killed and tortured. Guns, pistols, shotguns, AK 47, bombs, etc are all they see in their dreams. Gun shots, fires, blood, etc are all they see. Sirens and marching of the soldiers are all they hear. Osman Sagirli’s photo is trending on the internet. If you don’t know who Osman Sagirli is, he is the photographer who took the photo of the 4-year-old Syrian kid, who surrendered to the camera thinking it was a gun. The photo speaks a lot. It is pathetic to see a 4-year-old child surrendering to a camera (mistaking it for a gun). And at this rate, in a few years, these kids will even surrender to a banana. Such is their life. There are videos on the internet, in which Syrian kids talk about their pathetic life, how much they are hungry, how much they got tortured, etc.

Syrian girl surrender to a camera

Syrian girl surrender to a camera

We have an urge to help these people, when we see all these on the internet and on the news. But, the fact is we are helpless. We can’t do nothing, but pray that the powerful authorities help them. I don’t need to explain about the ISIS and Al-Qaeda stuff going around in the world. Their intentions can never be identified unless they tell us.

‘Is World War III near?’ In my honest opinion, the answer is ‘World War III is here or near’. It is not so far. This world war will not be like any of the past World Wars. The whole world will participate but not for a single cause. There will be three groups – ‘The Struggling Group’, The Attacking Group’ and ‘The Helpless Group’. The ‘Struggling Group’ will keep on struggling for human rights and freedom. The ‘Attacking Group’ will keep on attacking people for some unknown intentions. And We, the ‘Helpless Group’ will just turn over the newspaper or change the channel, just hoping that all these will be over one day.

All these could end, but we humans should stop acting like wild animals.


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