Why I Quit Facebook

Four Reasons Why I Quit Facebook

Four Reasons Why I Quit Facebook

On 19th December 2014 I decided to quit Facebook. I never knew how long I can stay away from it. I just deactivated my account and decided to see how my life goes without Facebook. Even on the previous day of my exit from Facebook, I was so addicted to it. So, I was really worried that I would be bored without Facebook. But, more than three months have passed and I have never ever thought of returning to Facebook. I consider this as a great achievement. For me it was like, a chain smoker turning into a complete ‘non-smoker’.

I was analyzing my decision to quit Facebook the other day and I asked myself, “Why did I quit Facebook?” There were some particular reasons for my Facebook exit and I thought of sharing it on my blog.

  1. Too Much App Requests: –
    I am pretty sure that the current Facebook users still will be suffering from the App request trauma. Even during my Facebook years, I saw people talking against the App requests on Facebook. Why would I want to help a ‘name-sake friend’ who only messages me when he/she is out of ‘energy’ to play FarmVille? I hated to see those App requests on my side bar or wherever it was. Ugh! Irritating. Bitter memories.
  2. Too Much Photography: –
    I would have enjoyed the photography if it displayed sceneries or beautiful places, but that was not the case. Half of my Facebook wall was covered with photos of many strangers. Even if he/she was not a stranger to me, I won’t recognize him/shim because his/her name would be some kind of stylish s*** (pardon me for bad language). Why should one change their names on a social platform? People call this photography. And there will be lot of so called ‘editors’, to edit the photos. An SLR camera, a fake name, a so called ‘editor’, a so called ‘model’ and a stupid caption were the basic elements of ‘photography’ on Facebook.

  3. Waste Of Time: –
    I was always criticized by my parents and brothers for spending too much time on the internet (especially Facebook). This reason has least contributed to my Facebook exit, but still it played a minor role. Now I don’t waste too much of my time on the internet and I have enough time to look around. And the irritating sight that I see around me is my mother and brothers buried in their mobile phones, except the times when they have some kind of tasks to do. I will not deny the fact that, I still spend a good amount of time on the internet, but in a more useful way.

  4. To Spend Time On The Blogosphere: –
    I actually had not quit Facebook, when I deactivated my account. As I said earlier, I thought of observing my life without Facebook. I was not a constant blogger during my Facebook years. But, when I deactivated my Facebook account I started spending more time on my blog. Deactivation of my Facebook account almost coincided with me registering for the ‘Blogging 101’ course on WordPress. Since then I have completely lost my connection with Facebook and I become a ‘Blogging-Addict’.

    If you are a Facebook user, I recommend you to quit it. For me life is so much easier without Facebook. Try spending some time on the Blogosphere it is so much fun.


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