Kill The Recluse in You

‘Blogging 101’ day nine assignment: – Write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday.

My eighth task for the ‘Blogging 101’ course was to comment on some other blogger’s post. As a part of the assignment and because I liked the post I made a comment on ‘Appreciating the English language’ by Michelle Hanton. In this post, Michelle describes her feelings about the English language. In one of the paragraphs, she gave a link to another blog (I came to know that it was Michelle’s daughter’s blog). The name of the blog was ‘THESHORTSTORYPRESS’ and over there Saturdays are dedicated to finding new words and writing short stories related to that particular word. My comment on Michelle’s post was about her daughter’s ‘Saturday’s Word Of The Day’ program.

Here’s my post on my pigsney blog that builds on a comment that I made on another blogger’s post (thanks to THESHORTSTORYPRESS for teaching me what Pigsney means).

Note: – THESHORTSTORYPRESS writes a short story on her blog related to the new word she found on, but I am adding the ‘ZakWriter Sauce’ to it. I will be writing an article instead of a short story.

New Word (for me and not necessarily for you): – ‘RECLUSE’ a person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people.


Kill The Recluse In You

Kill The Recluse In You

While we stare down at our iPhones, we don’t realize that we are becoming recluses.  We are losing the connection with the lively world that’s around us. We fail to drink the juice out of the cup of the world. We are busy listening to Justin Bieber, while something that can change our life is happening around us. People are so busy on Facebook that they forget to speak ‘Face to Face’. People are so busy on WhatsApp that they forget to look around them to see ‘What’s REALLY Up’. They don’t realize what they can do to make the world a better place. They are only worried about making their couches a better place.

Some people simply hang an earphone on their ears (even though they are not listening to music). You know why? They have become recluses. They don’t want people to talk them. They don’t want to be subjected to questions. They don’t even want to provide a simple assistance to a fellow traveller.

People, it’s already time that we realize the truth. The truth is that ‘We are the masters and not the slaves’. We are enslaved by technology. In the current world, people can’t brush their teeth before having a look at their Facebook profile. What’s wrong with us? We have to wake up now. We have to get up from our couches and explore the world around us. There are much cooler stuff you can find around you than on Google.

We all are social beings and we are expected to live a social life. You cannot just ignore the lad beside you. You both have the same coloured blood and you live on the same Earth. But, some people do not recognize this. They ignore the person beside them, like he is from some other planet. Man that’s racist!! Talking to strangers can develop your character and also gain you knowledge. So, why would you want to give up a ‘double gain’ for 50 likes?

People we have to take one step backwards. Don’t be a recluse, you are meant to lead a social life. The solution for this is to get out there. We have become recluses because we don’t know what’s around us. So, in order to escape from the clutches of technology, we have to live the life.


‘Look up from your screen, shut down the display

Stop reading this post, live life the real way’

(Inspired from Gary Turk’s video – ‘Look Up’ – on YouTube)

Sorry for making the intro of this post long. I can’t help it. I have tried my maximum to reduce it. But, this is all I could do.

Thanking Michelle Hanton and her daughter for inspiring me to write this post.

And thank you for reading my post.


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