Dear Mom

My Day Four assignment for the ‘Blogging 101’ course was ‘to publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it’. But I was not able to do it on time, because I was away. And I had an idea in my mind for the assignment, which was to give a tribute to my dear mom. After a couple of days, when I was at my computer, I realized it was International Woman’s Day (March 8th). So it was almost like a coincidence. Yeah, I know there is a separate day for the ‘SuperMoms’ around the world (because they really deserve one), but I wanted to write this post to the world’s best woman I have ever known.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, I am pretty sure you will not read this post, because you are busy with the household works. But I have to do this. I have never been able to thank you for everything you have done to me. In fact I will never be able to do it, because you are so super. I am finding it difficult to write this post, because it is so hard to describe you. You were the one who helped me fulfil my needs, when I was not able to do it myself and you are the one who is still helping me fulfil my needs (like giving me food and so many things). You were my first teacher and the best teacher I ever had. You always aimed at my welfare, but so many times I was not even patient to hear your advises. I have shouted at you so many times, but I regret it now. I was so stupid to think I was right and you were wrong. But, I soon realized the truth that you are always right. You are a real role model for the politicians out there, because you do your duties with so much sincerity. Dad, brothers and I are like the people of a society and you are a leader, who struggles for the welfare of the society. You are never corrupt and you are always impartial. You want us to enjoy something before you or somebody else enjoys it. You are ready to sacrifice anything for us. You do a lot of jobs for us for absolutely free. But most of the times you and your works go un-credited.  You deserve a lot more. A lot more than what we can give you, because you are so awesome.

Like the Kid President said in the video, we love you but we just don’t know how to say it. So, don’t think we don’t love you just because we don’t say that we love you. And like the Kid President, I want you to have fun, but you will never have fun, because you are always worried about us and want to do things for us. You are so concerned about our health that sometimes you forget about your health and get sick. Even then, you fight the sickness and come back healthy. Again you are so great that even you don’t realize who you are. This is my tribute to my mom. I have kept it short because I don’t have enough words to describe my mom. Mom, I want you to know that you are awesome. Mom upside down is Wow!! And you have to know that. You are a ‘Wow Thing’. I would have been nothing without you. Mom, We love you, We love you and We love you.


3 thoughts on “Dear Mom

  1. “You are never corrupt and you are always impartial.” I love that you know this at 17. I hope that your mom does read this. I wish that I had written this tribute to my mom when she was still alive to read it: I love it when my daughter calls me and says, “I just realized how tough it was, sometimes, being a mom. Thank you.” She doesn’t even have children of her own, yet! How did she get so wise? It has had tough moments, but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. We moms do have fun – especially when you kids are happy, healthy, doing well in school, succeeding at life. There’s no retirement from motherhood; we knew that, going in. We chose it. Embraced it, embraced you. It’s all good. But it’s even better to hear that you know, and that it’s been worth it. Because there are those dark moments when we wonder if we are good enough, if we’ve done our best, if you’ll survive our mistakes… 🙂

    • Thank You for the comment and also for the complement.

      I am pretty sure you are reflecting the views of every mother in the world. And I would like to thank you. Thank You for doing such a great job. “But I’d do it all again in a heartbeat”, that’s why moms are the best and you are spot on there.

      And your tribute is a nice one too. It’s sad that your mother could not read it. But your mom will be proud of you

      Again thank you. 🙂

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