Why ‘ZakWriter’? And The New Tagline?

Today morning (3/3/2015), I received the second task of the ‘Blogging 101 Course – March 2015’. And the task for the day was to edit my Blog title and also my Blog tagline. From the moment I received the task, I started thinking of a tagline for my Blog. But I did not think of a title because I was happy about my current title (i.e. ZakWriter). After some intense thinking I finally came up with a tagline. I will be interpreting the tagline in this post of mine.

The primary aim of this post is to tell you about the name ‘ZakWriter’ and the story behind it. I will also be telling why I came up with the ‘new tagline’.

Why ZakWriter?


As I have stated in my previous post (Painting The ‘ZakWriter’ With A Pen), my actual name is Dakir Mohammed Thanveer. It’s a Muslim name and if you are a Muslim you might know what Dakir means. You might also know that, it’s actually Zakir (meaning – Grateful, Remembering) and not Dakir. Yes, my real name should have been ‘Zakir Mohammed Thanveer’, instead of ‘Dakir Mohammed Thanveer’. And if you ask me why it is like that, the answer is – in my language (Malayalam – A language spoken in Kerala, a state in South India), there is no letter representing the pronunciation ‘Za’. So my parents named me Dakir, probably because ‘Da’ is close to ‘Za’. Anyways, when I grew up and came to know about the history of my name, I felt more attached to the name ‘Zakir’ than ‘Dakir’. I was so attached to it that even in my sign I merged the letter ‘D’ with ‘Z’. This incident coincided with the starting of my blog. And when I thought of a name for the blog, I came up with ‘ZakWriter’ (Zakir + Writer). And that’s the story behind the name of my blog.

About The New Tagline

A type of Blade Weapon

Pandat – A type of Blade Weapon

My old tagline was ‘The Home Of Random Thoughts’ and my new tagline is ‘The Man With The PENdat’. A few people may get what it means, but I think most may not get it. This tagline is a Double Entendre. As you can see in the tagline the word ‘Pen’ is highlighted in capital letters. So, one meaning of the tagline is, simply ‘The Man With The Pen’. But you can also see that ‘dat’ is added to ‘PEN’. The word ‘PENdat’ is a revised version of the word ‘Pandat’. Now you might be opening Google to check what ‘Pandat’ means. Don’t worry, I will tell you what ‘Pandat’ means. Pandat is the war sword of the Dayak people of the North-West Borneo (Sarawak, Malaysia and West Kalimantan, Indonesia). By merging the words ‘Pen’ and ‘Pandat’, I try to show the world that pen is my weapon, my sword. So, the second meaning of the tagline is, ‘The Man With The Pandat’.

That’s it. This is all about my Blog Title and my New Tagline. Please forgive me if there are some complications about my name (the whole ‘Dakir-Zakir’ story).

Thank You.

If you have any questions, suggestions or advice you are most welcome. Feel free to post your thoughts in comments section.


5 thoughts on “Why ‘ZakWriter’? And The New Tagline?

  1. The thing is, I would worry that if you have to explain your tag line, then that might not be a way to draw people in. Just a thought from someone who loves learning new words and once had a cousin named Tanvir.

    • Thanks for commemting and also for the opinion. 🙂
      You are right, I should have left the thinking to the readers. But tje problem is, if I don’t tell tham what Pandat is then they will just sit scratching theit heads. This will only make me and also them look stupid. Maybe I can shorten the description. Let me see what I can do.
      I did not quiet catch the second part of your comment. Did your cousin pass away? I am sorry. May his soul Rest In Peace. 😦

  2. I like your tag line! Sure, I only understood it after the explanation, but you could put a shorter explanation in your About Me section. My blog’s name is a made up word that I’m sure makes people scratch their heads so I have information about it in my About section too. Very unique 🙂

    • Thank You for Commenting 🙂
      I received another comment for this post saying that there is no need for explanation for the tagline. But I felt it required an explanation. I am planning to edit the explanation into something shorter.
      My About Me page is outdated and I will have to update it anyway, so I will add the explanation of the tagline in it.

      Thank You

  3. I found your blog through the daily post prompts, though I am also doing Blogging101 – I immeadiately liked your tagline. Although I didn’t know what a pandat/pendat was until you explained it, I understood the pen part and thought it was clever! With regards to the explanation, you could always make this post permanently displayed on your sidebar as a widget (I think by making it a page and then adding the page?) That way it will always show? I hope this helps!

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