Painting The ‘ZakWriter’ With A Pen


I was just going through my ‘About’ page. It was written by me, but it was outdated. That ‘About’ Page and my last post show me the progress I have made in my ‘Blogging Days’. So I just wanted to ‘paint’ myself and introduce to the world the writer in me.


My name is Dakir Mohammed Thanveer. I recently turned 17 years old. I started blogging more than a year ago. But I was not completely into it.  I would post once in a few months. Main reason for this inactivity was lack of readers. Then, I realized that readers have nothing to do with my passion for writing (with all respect to you). So, I got back to blogging and I tried my maximum to post regularly. Then suddenly there was a ‘drought’ in me. The ‘drought’ was a drought for ideas. If you want to post at least once in a week, you will have to bring ideas into your mind, but it was not happening to me. This made me question the writer in me. But somehow I found my MoJo back.  I have tried writing posts on many topics like health, fiction, social, sports etc. But the topic which gained me most readers is ‘Health’. I am a person who values health very much, so that helped me very much. Even if I failed to post something for two weeks or more those ‘Healthy Posts’ would still gain me readers.

Now that is about the History of ‘ZakWriter’. The next question is ‘What next for the ZakWriter?’

I am satisfied with my progress and I want to keep this momentum going. So I have decided to take the ‘Blogging 101’ course on I am sure that this course will boost my progress. I will be focussing on Health and Socialistic posts. But I will not restrict myself to those topics. If something creative comes to my mind, I will write it. Another thing I am interested in is to find friends from the Blogging Community. That will help me develop my ideas and I can help develop their ideas.

Another Question can be raised that ‘Why do I blog, rather than keeping a personal journal?’

Well, I don’t think my ideas are to be written on a book, which even I am not sure if I will read it again. I want Feedback, so I can develop myself and my ideas. I won’t get that from a Personal Journal. So I think that answers the question

OK, you may think that I am rude or arrogant, because throughout this ‘painting’ I only talked about developing me, developing my ideas and a lot I, me, myself, etc. But the ‘painting’ is not done yet. I am not complete without you. You are my priority. This blog is like a fruit tree. You can enjoy its fruits; you can sit under its shades. And I will be very happy to bend to you, so you can pluck my fruits; I will be very happy to spread my branches, so you can sit under my shades.

Thank You Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

‘Together We Can Make Everything Worthwhile’


6 thoughts on “Painting The ‘ZakWriter’ With A Pen

  1. Hi ZakWriter.

    I think it’s great that you know what your audience likes and are willing to accommodate them while staying true to yourself. If I had any advice it would be to have fun with your topics.

    Health, food, and diets are really “hot” right now, which means that everyone has something to say on the subject (including me) so try to share it in a way that’s not already being done or introduce aspects of health that are not currently being discussed. That would make you stand out and give your audience something that no one else can give. Just remember to never take them for granted.

    I believe that you are already on the right track with Blogging 101 and because of that I know you are going to be successful!

  2. Hi ZakWriter,
    Maybe you can give me (a fellow Writer 101 new blogger some free health advice: I have developed eczema, no one in my family has ever had it & I never did before I ran out of my own soaps & had to use the soap supplied by the Nursing Center in which I live, what can you suggest to get rid of my eczema? I finally convinced them to treat my eczema as being caused by my environment. Thanks

    • Even though I like to write about health and fitness, I am not a medical expert. And I don’t know much about eczema, but I have read that Coconut oil helps in reducing the itching and irritation.
      Try it out and tell me what happened. If it does not work, I will make more researches.
      Thank you.

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