My Top #10 Phobias

In clinical psychology, a phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational. In the event the phobia cannot be avoided entirely, the sufferer will endure the situation or object with marked distress and significant interference in social or occupational activities.

There are lots of Phobias in this world and I have diagnosed many of them in myself. Here I take a look at the Top #10 Phobias that I suffer from.

My Top #10 Phobias

My Top #10 Phobias

NOTE: – This lost is not placed in order.

  1. Cynophobia – The Fear of DogsI don’t want to lie to my readers here. Yes, I am afraid of Dogs. I hate them. People say they are the bravest of animals in the world. You know what? I don’t care, I just hate them. I don’t run away when I see them, but I try my maximum to avoid an encounter with them. I don’t know when I started suffering from Cynophobia, but I remember of an incident when I really started hating these creatures. One early morning, I was walking to my uncle’s house and suddenly I saw a Dog staring at me. As I bend down to take a stone, it started barking and eventually it started running. And I didn’t waste any time, I started running too. Luckily it stopped chasing me. And I was screaming like hell and that day I was like an alarm to the people in the neighbourhood.
  2. Trypanophobia – The Fear of NeedlesI am not afraid of needles as you see in the title, but I am afraid of ‘Needle Jobs’. Some of you must be wondering what ‘Needle Jobs’ is? It is nothing but the activities that we do with needles. Stitching and Tattooing, I am afraid of them. Again, I don’t want to lie, I have fainted once when I heard my friend, talk about a stitch on his arm. And whenever I hear these kinds of ‘stitch’ stories, it starts to ‘itch’ in my head. Tattooing, Ahh! Painful. I can’t imagine the pain one has to undergo to get a tattoo on him. Like Money, Passion also drives man mad.
  1. Didaskaleinophobia – The Fear of SchoolAs kids we all hated to go to school. This does not need further explanation, because we all had Didaskaleinophobia in our school days. I had tried to find excuses to not go to school, but they were never satisfactory to my parents. But in the later days of our life, those school days prove to be nostalgic.
  2. Deipnophobia –  Fear of Dinner ConversationWhenever I put a piece of food in my mouth, either my host or my guest asks me a question. That puts me in an awkward situation where I have to mumble the answer and the other person end up asking ‘what’. And sometimes the food goes out of my mouth when I try to answer the question. I try my maximum to avoid conversation while eating. I don’t want to jump into awkward situations myself.
  3. Claustrophobia – Fear of Confined PlacesI don’t like to travel in an elevator alone nor do I like to go to a trial room with no air circulation. My mind plays mind games with me when I am in such places. A lot of ‘What if’ questions arise in my mind. This is another situation I try to avoid. I take the steps when I am alone rather than the elevator. I don’t usually lock the door of a trial room with no air circulation.
  1. Traumatophobia – Fear of InjuryI love football and I love to play it. And what’s worse than missing a day of football due to an injury or even a slight fever. It gives you one or more days of dullness and also a dip in form.
  2. Glossophobia – Fear of speaking in publicI have stage fear and once again I have fainted once when I was called onto the stage to deliver a speech. Nasty!! I prepare good speeches but I just can’t deliver it. Whenever we had assemblies at our school, I will give be given one or another duty. No matter how hard I negotiate, I will always have some duty.
  3. Hadephobia- Fear of hellWho the Hell wants to go to Hell?? For me, the purpose of life is to please God and increase our scale of Good deeds. I may get religious if I go deeper into this topic, so I will stop it here. Anyway I hate it and I don’t want to go there.
  1. Numerophobia – Fear of numbersI hate Mathematics. I just hate it. I did not want to study mathematics after my 10th So I took humanities for my Higher Secondary classes. And you know what happened? There was Maths in Humanities too (Economics). The Number Games are not meant for me.
  2. Herpetophobia – Fear of ReptilesI like snakes for their flexibility and skin; but whenever I see one of them, a kind of wave goes through my mind. Ugh!! Snakes are little better when compared to other reptiles. For example frogs, they look ugly, they make us irritated, and they make some people piss. They don’t have any positive points. They are born to be hated. But the fact is each and every animal and plant and human have purposes of their own.

    Please let me know of your phobias in the comments section. Don’t be shy we all have fears. Fear is just another feeling like happiness and shadows. But remember there are methods to face all these. Just take a deep breath and face it.

    Thank You.


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