Top #20 Awkward Moments

This is a Top #20 list for my favourite awkward moments and many of them have happened to me. (These awkward moments are not placed in order)


  1. Going for a Handshake to a person in public, but the person rejects you.
  2. Wearing wrong footwear on the wrong foot.(We all did it when we were young, but some people even do it now)
  3. Calling your teacher mom. (We all did it when we were young, but some people even do it now)
  4. Replying to someone you think is talking to you, but actually they are talking to someone else.
  5. Telling a joke but then forgetting it halfway through.
  6. Telling a story to someone but forgetting that the person was the one who told you the story.
  7. Mistaking another customer for a salesman (in a shop).
  8. Laughing at something you remember in public.
  9. Sidestepping someone, but they go in the same direction as you.
  10. The person you are staring at catches you and you quickly have to change your eye direction.
  11. You offer someone your favourite food just trying to be nice and they take it.
  12. Your mum calls you your pet name in front of all your mates.
  13. Someone is talking to you in class and the teacher is standing right there staring at them so you try and signal by blinking and moving your eyes.
  14. The teacher points at the person behind you and you think the teacher was pointing at you so you answer instead.
  15. You’re at your friend’s house and your friend’s parents are yelling at them.
  16. You tell a joke to someone and they don’t get it, and you ending up saying them to laugh.
  17. You’ve already said “what” three times and still have no idea what the person said so you just agree.
  18. You’re on the bus with no one else and the next passenger gets on the bus and sits right next to you.
  19. You pull the push door even though it’s clearly signed.
  20. You realize you’ve kept talking after the call dropped out.

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