The Match Day

Author’s Note: – This is a simple short story. Can’t really classify it as a thriller but it is a mini thriller. If there is anything you think that could have been added to this story please let it know in the comments section.


Mr. George Marney, 31, was found killed on the verandas of ‘Honey Sweet’. This sweet shop is said to be owned by Mr. George, himself. He had a cut in his throat, when his dead body was found and is the reason for his death. The criminal is caught. There are no witnesses, as of now.”

Case File

Crime: – Murder.

Victim: – George Marney.

Age: – 31.

Place of Crime: – Rue Cabanis.

Time of Crime: – 2:30 AM, Friday 13th October, 2006.

Convict: -?

Witness/es: – ?



The MatchDay was back! It was a late night match, and I was invited to my friend, Steve’s house. His house was just half a kilometer away from mine, so I decided to walk to Steve’s place. The streets were almost empty. There were only a few shops left open, and they all were going to get closed in a few minutes. Anyway, I reached Steve’s house at 12 AM. He had already done the necessary arrangements. The pop-corns and beer were ready, the channel was set, and the seating arrangement was already made. It was all set and we were excited. The players were coming out to the pitch.

The TV commentary said, “Its Lille vs Marseille, at Stadium Lille Métropole.”

We both supported Lille and we were waiting for this moment.

Beep! The ref blew the whistle and the game kicked off. It was 0-0 at the half time and it looked like both teams were not going to score. We were satisfied with the way Lille was playing. And we expected Lille to win.

At last we got the break through and Lille got the lead. Though Marseille got many chances, they could not just find the net. We managed to get that 1-0 win.

“Finally!!!”, screamed Steve.

“Three points in the bag, boy!!”

That was an important match for us and also very important three points in the bag.

It was time for me to leave. I was feeling very sleepy. My only aim was to get to my house and just jump on to the sofa.

I was surprised to see that there were still one or two shops open on the streets of Cabanis.

Mr. George’s ‘Honey Sweet’ was open too. I was a constant customer of ‘Honey Sweet’ and also a fan of it. I did not go to the shop now, because I was feeling too sleepy and all I want now is a sleep.

I saw a customer standing in the shop. He was not like a person who likes sweet and honey. He was a hard guy, as hard as a Rock. He was a big stout man. He had a thick moustache and a beard. He was wearing a jacket and a red cap.

I just wanted to see what this guy was going to buy. I stood on the other side of the street, watching what this guy was doing. But, then things went wrong. The guy took a knife from his jacket pocket and cut Mr. George’s throat with it.

“Oh shi*t”, I said in a low voice.

I did not know what to do. The guy stole the money from the shop cash box and was coming out of the shop slowly.

I did not want to stay here without doing anything. I just shouted at the guy and this made him run. He knew that he had been seen by someone. He looked at my direction, but did not see me. He grew nervous. He ran away and I ran towards Mr. George. Blood was flowing from his throat and there was no hospital or anything related to medicine near Cabanis.

Mr. George was dead. There was nothing I could have done.

Though I informed the police, they told me to close the shop myself. They told, they will come the next morning. They were on another criminal case, I think.

I could not sleep that night. The face of the guy did not go away from my head.

I went to the shop in the morning and the police were already there.

What should I tell them?

I don’t know if the guy has seen me or not. If the guy has seen me, my life is in danger.

Should I go hide myself or should I step and tell what happened to the police.

Anyway, I was sick of these robberies and murders in Cabanis. There should be an end to this.

I don’t care if there is a threat to my life. I just want my family and people of my society to live peacefully.

I decided to tell the police what exactly happened without fear.

The police wrote down my words and also drew the sketch of the convict. They told that the convict will be caught in 24 hours and they kept their words. It was a middle-aged man who lived in Cabanis. His name was Patrice. I have seen him before. There was no sign of a criminal on his face, but now his mask has been removed.

This world contains many people like this. They have the mask of innocence but behind that mask they have the face of darkness.

I felt sorry for Mr. George’s family. I have known him and his family for years. He and his wife had only daughter and she had already married. She had gone away with her husband. Now Mrs. George was alone.

I promised her that I would take up the shop and give her the gains of the shop. She was happy to hear that. If there was no one to say this to her, she could would have been all alone.

Even though it has been weeks since the incident has took place, it has not gone away from my head. The face of the man still horrifies me. Every night I think if the man will come to take revenge on me. Will he come to kill me for telling what I saw to the police? Many questions rise up in my head. I was not able to sleep for several nights, due to these thoughts.



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