Food is Passion, Food is Love.


I got this idea from a movie actually. In the movie a teacher is explaining his students that we all eat to live. Then suddenly a student stands up and asks confusingly “Sir, we actually live to eat, know?” The whole class and the sir start to laugh. Then the student takes a tamarind from his pocket, removes its outer shell and slowly licks it. The whole class and also the sir start salivating. Even we after watching this scene will automatically salivate.

So actually do we eat to live?

Food plays a very important role in our lives. We can’t live without food. Yes that is true, but we can’t live without food is because we are in love with it. Yes friends we are all in love.

Its beauty, aroma and taste make us love it. Once we see it or once we smell it we will want to taste it. That is the problem for food. It is an addiction and we can’t stay away from it.


If we see food from a long distance, short distance or even indirectly we will have a desire in us to taste it. Even we don’t know how the food tastes really. It is in man’s nature. It is so well dressed that we have no option than fall in love with it.

I am a great fan of the channel Fox Traveller and each and every time I see a food item on my Television screen, I start salivating. I can’t refrain from it. And I can bet you can’t do it too.


When a good smell comes from the kitchen we follows it and check out what mom is cooking, like we see in Tom and Jerry. We may feel funny when Tom and Jerry is doing it but imagine how it will look when we are in place of them. We are doing the same. A smell comes from the kitchen, we forget what we are doing, we automatically goes into the kitchen and checks out what mom is cooking.


When we hear what mom has cooked for the dinner or when we see a cookery show on the Television or when suddenly one of our favourite foods’s thought comes into our mind or when we see a picture of a food item, we will have a curiosity to taste the food. That is for sure. You can’t say no to that.

Never live without food, thinking to reduce your fat. You don’t have to punish yourself to reduce your fat. There are better ways to do that. Food is a part of our life and we should have it 3 days a day in every day of your normal life. Living without eating is like punishing yourselves.


But when wasting your food remember if those who are starving without food at that moment. Please at least give that left out food to a poor boy, who is starving without food. Like that we can be a helping hand to others. Lots of people die out of starvation. We can change that. We are the ones to change that. In this world where the Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer, atleast some of us should rise to help the poor.


Food and water belongs to all and deserves to all. No one should live without it. Actually those who don’t get proper food are not even actually living. We don’t have shortage for water, except under some situations. All ways do some help when we can, because when we plan to help we may not be in a situation to help.

P.S: If you do not perform any of the acts mentioned above or if anything from this relates to you or if you don’t salivate after seeing this picture:


Please consult a Doctor.

If you have some respect or love to food, please share this with your friends :P.


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