Say No To Racism





So it’s been a while, since I have posted something ‘socialist’.

Then I came up with an Idea.

‘Racism’ was born many years ago, and many great people had fought against it, still it is not dead. People are still fighting against it.

I hope this post can make an impact on people who read this.

“Our Hands have the ability to do great things….

Hands Touch….

Hands Build…..

At any place….

In any color….

Hands create….


And Hands ….

Can Raise….


Your hands against Racism, Lets fight white pride!


Racism has always been a factor since the beginning.

…Even to this day.

Racism appears everywhere.

But if we all stand together, we can easily kill the unfairness. We can easily move to the acquisition of friendly relations.

Let’s get rid of the unwanted hate and anger. Together we CAN.

And together we can welcome harmony and friendship. Together we CAN.

“Life is beautiful, why destroy the beauty and harmony with hate”. This is a saying that we all should follow in our lives.

Never, ever judge a man by his skin, judge a man on who he is inside.


Going through the definition of Racism, something popped in my mind. If the whites and the blacks are considered different, why are the A+ blood groupers and B+ blood groupers not treated differently? Because, whether it is A+ or B+, after all they are two groups of blood.

Same is with Humans. Whether it is white or black, we are all humans.

Racism is an unwanted factor in the society. This six letter word is nothing but a word that can bring hate and a friction in the society.

Let’s put Racism in a non-recycle bin. It should never come back.

Together let’s put an end to it.

#TogetherWeCan #SayNoToRacism


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