‘You don’t Buy it, You Earn it’


Even though, I had drunk a cup of tea and also had bathed in hot water I was feeling sleepy when I boarded the bus. Ha, anyway this always happens to me. Something kept on bothering me while I was sitting in the bus. Have I forgotten anything?

  1. Reading newspaper- Checked.
  2.  Taking the books- Checked.
  3.  Taking money-Very important- Checked.
  4. Post an article or a story- uhhhhh! No Check.

Oh! So I forgot to post something on my blog, which I usually do on Mondays. Anyway, leave it I will post something later. But the problem is that I have not thought about a topic to post about. OK, anyway this is a boring trip to school, let me think about a topic to write about, I thought. Finally, the bus reached the stand. While the bus was making its turn into the stand, I saw a crowd in front of a Dhaba like shop. My mind got curious to know what it was.


“And another day of boring classes have come to an end”, said a friend of mine while I boarded a bus.

To my surprise, I again saw a crowd in front of the same shop. So, my mind got information that it was not a ‘bad’ problem going on there. “That means something good is going on there?” asked me to my mind.  “Anyway, we will check it out”, said me again to my mind.  I ran to the shop and asked to a man what was going on. He explained to me that, it is a newly opened shop and it had Pani Puri in its menu. In here we did not have shops that sold Pani Puri. So that’s the reason there is so much of people around that shop.

There were so many customers in the shop that week. “Come on let’s try it”, said my mind to me. “But I don’t have money”, I replied. “You have to get It somehow”, said my mind again.

Sometimes my mind was too evil that it made me do many evil things. Due to the pressure exerted on me by my mind, I decided to steal the money from my dad’s pocket.

I did not find any difficulty in stealing the money from my dad’s pocket. But as a starter I had a fear in me but I also had with me the ‘Beginner’s Luck’.

Next day I went to the shop. I was so happy to taste a Pani Puri, and it was my first time.

I ordered a plate of it, which cost 40 rupees. It took 15 minutes for the man to serve me Pani Puri.

“Finally…” I said when the old man served me a plate full of Pani Puris.

I ate it quiet quickly. After 20 minutes I came out of the shop. When I was in the bus back to my home, I thought what made the Pani Puris so special. Even if people thought it was special, I did not feel anything. Every food has its own taste and all the people really liked Pani Puris. Then why did not I feel the same?

Suddenly something struck my mind. Maybe it was the way I got the money that made the Pani Puris a waste. I felt very sad. Why did I steal that money? Why didn’t I ask the money to my dad rather than stealing it? Many thoughts like this came to my mind.

I recognized the difference between the ‘earned money’ and the ‘money we get through other means’.

Earning brings happiness to our lives and money we get through other means only brings distrust to our lives.

I thought; why not make this incident as my next post on my blog.

“You don’t buy it, you earn it!”- Tagline of Bournville (It is the name of a chocolate).




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