False Education System in India


On one fine messy day of classes while I was coming back from school, I boarded a very crowded bus. And it was a Wednesday which I considered as a day for my ‘shoulder workouts’ because that day my bag contained all the heavy text books that I had. Due to the pressure exerted on me by the conductor I had to move forward. When my stop reached, I found it difficult to alight from the bus, because my heavy bag was ‘sandwiched’ between two old people. One of those two people had no problem with it, but the other started complaining to the conductor about the heavy bag and also about me.

Was it my problem that I carried a heavy bag? I had no choice than carrying a bag to and from school.

From this incident two things are clear:

  1. The very difficult education system in India.
  2. Majority of Indians are illiterate.

Now-a-days we can see young students carrying heavy bags to schools. Is this a part of the education system. So that even if the students are weak in studies they can go for load carrying. I don’t hope so!

How come only one man out of two started complaining about me?  The answer is simple. It was just because, the other person was a little bit educated. The old man and also the conductor were not educated.

Does every Indian student have this experience like I had? Can this be changed? If the answer is yes, how can it be done?

In India, students are kept under pressure since they enter a school. Here in India they only show us the way to live (i.e. to be doctors, engineers, blab…Blab…Blab…). But in countries like Japan the education system is completely different. There they first teach to live (till 4th or 5th grade, I think), then the way to live. In choosing the way to live also there are many options for the students in Japan, but we don’t.

The students in Japan do not follow a curriculum till their 4th or 5th grade. Instead they are provided with pets and all that kind of fun stuff. So their studies become easier and at the same time they learn to live. They need to feed and wash their pets. Also they will have to clean their own classrooms every weekend.

See how fun studies are at Japan. Don’t you think it too?

To the next topic- Majority of Indians are illiterate.  Why did the first educated man educate another two men? It is only because he wanted all the coming generations to know the wonders of the world. Otherwise he could have just kept his knowledge to himself. We Indian youth are lucky to have the least of education. So why don’t we try to give the ‘primary education’ that a man needs to the older generation. Anyway we have no voice to rise against the education system because they say “we are too young”. Let us teach the older people how difficult the education system in India is and also how difficult a student’s life is. Teachers teach only for the sake of getting money not for spreading education they have. This attitude must be changed. We are the ones to change this. ‘Youth Active, India Active’

With love,




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