‘Youth Active, India Active’


There are many things that I see during my 25 minutes walk back home after school. During those 25 minutes there are 25000 many things that occupy my mind like how I made a mess out of my class tests, got screwed by the Principal of my school and etc…Etc…Etc... And those walks help me to wash out my “MESS” because I see 50x times mess than I make during those 25 walks. And during one of those walks gave rise to a new ‘New Me’.

It was day when everything got screwed and messed up. And after horrible 7 hours it became 4 ‘O’clock. And it was time for me to wash away the sorrows of the day. The park, the bar and the bus stand were the best parts of my walk.

First I said Bye to my friends and I was accompanied by one of my friends. He always walked to the bus stand. We talked about each other’s mess till we reached the bus stand. From there I had to walk alone. I walked by humming a sad song so it matched my condition. I reached the park, I saw kids playing with a big smile on their faces. There were some couples in the lover’s corner. And there was also some old but healthy people doing Yoga and exercising. I always loved these sites in the park.

Then what came is the bar, the most exciting part of my walk.  We could meet different kinds of people. First there was the normal people who drank but not too much or as in or words “They did not became Fit”. Second category is of the young people, who came along with friends, what they did was either they talk about their love failures or they would make any reason to drink, mostly we could see the sentences like ‘She walked with someone else’ or blab..Blab…blab. Then there came the ‘hardworking poor people’. They make money from their sweat and at evening time they go to the bar spend all the money they got the particular day and they become ‘as fit as hell’.

Really I have never entered a bar but still I knew the ‘contents’ of a bar.

I saw people entering and exiting the bar, some were ‘as fit as hell’, some others were half fit and we could never see people who were not fit coming out of the bar in Kerala. As I came across the bar I saw a fully fit old man. From his style of dressing I understood that he was a poor but hardworking old man (hard worked only for the purpose of ‘drinking’). He was on ‘four legs’. He was trying to cross the road. I understood that he was walking to the bus stand which a few meters away from the bar but it was across the road.

While he was crossing the road a red big bus which exited the stand hit the old man on four legs.

Soon people rounded the old man who was lying flat on the road with blood flowing from his mouth. I could hear the bus driver and the conductor arguing with some common people that ‘it was the fault of the old man; he was a drunkard…etc…Etc…’

Maybe the conductor and the driver must be forgetting that they were also in a drunken state, because I saw these men in khakis exiting the bar while I was walking to the stand.’

Instead of hearing these useless arguments, I along with a man who was a teacher at a nearby college hired an auto and took the old man to a nearby hospital.

I stood there at the hospital until 5 ‘O’ clock and when I saw the clock hit five on the clock. I met the teacher who was with me and told that I had to leave.

As I was walking out of the hospital something rushed into my mind:

“India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters…….”-These are the starting lines of our pledge. At least we students take the pledge every morning during our school assembly.

Have not any one thought of these wonderful lines?

When the old and weak old man was lying on the road injured and he was crying out loud in pain. And people did was just surrounded the man and started taking photos and things like that.

To be frank I really hate these drunkards in Kerala, they not only destroy themselves but also destroy India our motherland and our God’s own country, Kerala.

Friends, we young students are those people who have to change India.

Our India is a thing to be proud of. Even when the white people left India, they really respected us. But now even we Indians itself is not respecting India.

There is an urgent need of change in India. And we Youth are responsible for it.

“You can destroy yourself if you like but please don’t destroy our Mother India”

-‘Youth Active-India Active’


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