The Sweet and Bitter Experience

On August 27th we had the tournament. Few days of hard work was the only thing we had in our hands. We already knew that 2 weeks of training won’t give us anything, but still we had some wee little hope. We were 16 men squad but none of us were regular players.
And finally the day we were waiting came. It was one big wonderful feeling when I entered the school compound. Even though we were no big players we ran to see the opening match that was going on and we did not forgot to find mistakes in the other players. Even though we were smiling and having fun but Coach understood that we were nervous and he was damn right, we were all nervous and we were 10x times more nervous than we were when we were facing our exams. We had our first match at 3 imagespm but suddenly news came that “Get ready boys, it is our game next”. Man, phew…. I assure you that we all were broken into pieces when we heard that. Within 15 minutes we were all set. Before we went out we prayed for 2 minutes which increased our confidence.
Okay I don’t want to slow this story, I will go FORWARD>>>>>>> we won that match 2-0. And also note that I am only a sub. I have not played yet. We ate our lunch and it was 2 hours rest till the next game.

Joking was the only thing we did perfectly throughout the tourney. Soon it became the time for our next match. This is the one to be explained in detail.
‘Within 15 minutes we were all set. Before we went out we prayed for 2 minutes which increased our confidence.’—This same process repeated again.
We went to the ground, we warmed up. And there was one thing which made it all worse, “PSY’s Gangnam Style” song was going on.
Within 2 minutes everything was over. The referee whistled PEEP. This was whistle for the teams to get ready, but for us it was like a ‘Death Whistle’.
We did everything like professionals. We did a loud “We will FIGHT” ROAR. Touched the side line and kissed, did the same with the ball.
All these ‘professional acts’ were all shattered before the tenth minute of the match they scored a goal and that was because of a slight mistake done by the Goalkeeper(BTW it is not me, I am still on the Bench).
After 5 minutes since our ‘professional acts’ shattered our hopes also died in the same way-They scored. And somehow it became Half Time.
Our starting players came towards us with their heads down. Everyone was drinking water even though we did not do anything in the first half.
I could hear the coach giving tips to the players. And finally the time I was waiting for came. I heard a call “Dakir, go there and get substitution card”. I took a card and gave it to the coach. He told me “You are in”. It might be an unusual sight seeing the Goalkeeper getting subbed even though he was not injured.
It was the first time I am playing in a football match and I was nervous for that reason.
I got into my position and there were some people sitting behind me and I could hear those, making comments.
Now you might be thinking that I saved a few amazing shots and paved way for my team to win but Alas…the opposite happened.
They again scored 2 goals and they won the match (4-0).
And after the match for 5 minutes I was the ‘Joking topic’. I did not know why.
And we packed up and came back.
The worse thing was that we had to attend schools the next day.
But we were proud to say we won a match because it was the first ever win of the school team ever.
And that was one heck of a ‘Sweet Bitter Experience’.


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